There are different types of shelters available all over South Africa. In each province of South Africa, you will find shelters created by people or government officials all with different purposes in mind. You will see shelters which are dedicated to helping battered women stay off the streets and then there are shelters which are focused on keeping children safe. Each shelter may have a different purpose and different rules. However, the one thing which they have in common is that they all need to abide by certain rules and regulations in order to operate effectively.

The reason why there are so many shelters in South Africa is that there are many people living in very bad situations all over the country. There is no one particular type of person who goes to a shelter. There are people from all different walks of life, ethnicity, and demographics who land up in a shelter. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to go from one extreme to the next in the country. Staying in a very expensive and upmarket area in good circumstances does not mean that you can live in a shelter because it does happen.

You will be surprised by the different types of people who end up in shelters in South Africa. Not only is abuse, drugs, and violence very common but so is unemployment. The unemployment rate is very bad which makes it extremely common for people to lose their jobs and to land up in a bad situation, Some shelters offer the basics of a meal and a bed and are on a night to night basis while other shelters are available for people to stay in for months at a time.

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Each shelter offers something different and there are even shelters which have been created to keep women safe from abusive men. They provide counseling services, support groups, legal advice and much more.