Shelters in South Africa are not glamorous by any stretch of the imagination. Some are in better condition than others but all shelters are in the best conditions. Although many people are trying to help animals who may be homeless, as there are many shelters across the country, not all of them are able to save enough animals. The truth is that there are more homeless animals and people in the country than there are shelters.

When it comes to the rules and regulations of the shelters, it may actually be harder than you think to get in. There are very strict rules that many of the shelters abide by and more often than not, they may not have more space for extra people or animals. There are often cases of people with big families and many children who have nowhere else to go. It is also not always that safe in a shelter depending on the infrastructure, rules, resources, and finances which are available.

It is not uncommon for people to be on long waiting lists to get into shelters. There are many people who have experienced great life tragedies and who are thankful just to have a place to sleep and a roof over their heads and a warm meal. There are shelters that are doing their best to help people and which even goes the extra mile by helping people to try and get their lives back on track. Not all of these attempts are successful and in many cases, it becomes a struggle.

When it comes to the reality of shelters in the country, different provinces have different shelters which are run by different people. Some of them are governement owned and operated while others are run by private funding. However, they all need help and assistance to improve the lives of others.