Nestled far away from the world as you know it, lie the beautiful valleys of South Africa. There are many different valleys, in different parts of South Africa, however, the most popular and widely known may be the valleys in the beautiful Cape Town. Imagine the beaches, the water, the sound of birds and having all of this in a remote area far away from the hustle and the bustle of city life.

Little known to many, and not often sought out by tourists, there are many hidden and sheltered valleys Cape Town which can not be replicated anywhere else in the world. Expect to smell and see the sea, while you are dining on some of the finest foods in the country. One of the best dishes to have is certainly sea food as there is some fantastic sea food dishes which comes straight from the majestic South Africa oceans and waters.

After the meal you can experience a beautiful sunset with your family or even start with a sun downer before your meal. The best way to experience the sun going down in Cape Town in the valleys is by having a cocktail or a glass of South African wine. Cape Town has some of the best wines in the world because the wines are made in the Cape. The winelands are right on Cape Towns doorstep and they produce the best local wines, that get imported overseas. A glass of excellent wine and watching the sun set is a wonderful way to start off the evening.

There are many options for local, delicious food that will help you gain some insight into the culture and local fare. There are so many wonderful traditional dishes to choose from that you will have plenty of options to choose from. Next you could enjoy dessert and a night cap. There is nothing quite like the feeling of eating at a valley restaurant in Cape Town.