South Africa is home of some of best places to eat in the world. Like many countries and regions, there are high end restaurants and accommodations but also a significant amount of poverty and less fortunate. The two extremes in South Africa make it a very diverse and extremely interesting country to visit.

There are many shelters for people who are unable to support themselves or who may have fallen on hard times. Some of these people live on the streets and it is not uncommon to see families with children and babies on the streets. These people come from a diverse background, and some of this poverty can be attributed to economic conditions such as the number of jobs and the away that the economy is structured and performing.

For those looking for work, the restaurant industry is a great option. It is also not uncommon for some people who are trying to build their lives to work at the restaurants in South Africa. Working at a restaurant offers many jobs and although the pay is not wonderful if you work at a good restaurant you may be able to survive on tips.

South Africa in general offers good service and when you eat a top restaurant you can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. Service is very important in South Africa because many people who work in restaurants survive on the generosity of tips, the salary is not enough to really live off and pay bills with.

It is not completely unheard of for people who work in restaurants to sleep in a night shelter depending on their circumstances. There are some basic jobs which are offered in restaurants such as washing dishes on a part time basis or cleaning, which does not offer much but it offers a job.