There are many shelters in South Africa which serve a variety of purposes and a wide demographic of people. The truth is that there are generally more people than there are shelters. It is not uncommon to find many people on the streets in South Africa as some of the shelters are too full.

When it comes to the shelter regulations in South Africa, there are certain protocols and procedures which needs to be followed. In terms of the health and safety regulations these are taken very seriously. In many of the shelters there is a zero tolerance towards drug abuse and alcohol which means that no substances are allowed in the shelters. There are many shelters who tell people to leave due to people not abiding by their rule and regulations.

A shelter needs to be properly registered with the government and the appropriate regional authorities. It should not be used for any financial gain and it needs to be created to generally serve people who do not have homes. There are different types of shelters some of which offer people a place for the night while others allow people to stay there for months on end until they have worked their way up to leave.

In South Africa there are plenty of cases of domestic violence and in this situation, legal requirements need to be met. It is important to fully understand the full spectrum of regulations and rules and most of these are available to the public. However, there are many people in need of help and shelter and unfortunately not everybody gets the help which they need.

There are shelters which are affiliated with religions and others which are not religion affiliated. There are many different shelters however due to the problematic economic conditions in South Africa, the shelters are really struggling at the best of times.