Restaurants in South Africa often see excessive wastage in terms of food. In fact, if the food is not fresh, they are not able to make money from it and sell it. South Africa is known for quality food which is always fresh and does not make you sick. The excessive amounts of waste could be given to the shelters. This would be a great way for people who don’t have food to eat and for the restaurants to get rid of waste.

The reality is that there are many people starving in the country and instead of food being thrown away, it is best given for a good cause. In fact, there are many soup kitchens which only give bread and soup and people stand in line for hours and hours in a day just to get a few loaves of bread and a bit of soup. It is recommended to restaurants were able to donate their food that they no longer need, it could be given for a good cause.

Vegetables which is thrown away at the end of the day at a restaurant in South Africa could be used to put in a soup for people living in a shelter. This way, people would get the necessary nutrients and there would be healthier food available. This is a situation which has been discussed in South Africa for many years now. How the restaurant industry is wasting food which could be better used to assist the country. It need not be the food that is needed rather the unwanted food which is wasted and thrown away.

There are many creative ways that the shelters can make use of food and it can be served to hungry people to eat the next day. In some provinces, some owners attempted to do it but the success rate in terms of logistics was not so well. This is a concept that can be used throughout the world if executed in the correct manner.